Condo Panels

Assuming I’m correct… you’re funny :smiley:

I said assuming I am correct and I always assume I am so it is safe to assume you are correct assuming we both are that it is safe to assume we assume the same thing.
Perhaps I assume too much.

Jeff, I disagree with some of your answers to Bob E. Without additional qualifications your answers could be correct or incorrect.

Also the issue of the disconnect being in many panels is the disconnect means for the building. Your answer makes it seem like there may not be a means of disconnect. It all depends on the terminology.

Jim could you give a few examples ?

Bob, please see post #18.

I understand Jim, and I agree, my answers are very general. For most home inspectors, however, this is what they need to hear in order to understand.

I was actually quite surprised that this was the second time in a week where I heard an inspector was under the impression that “hand movements” were considered for the “six throw rule.” Apparently, there’s someone spreading some really bad information.

I will always defer to you, Robert, Mike and several others as the experts and I will keep my HI hat on :smiley:

Bob, this might be easier on the phone. Could you PM a means of contact and the best times to try and reach you?