Condo Service Panel Question

Can someone tell me (Pic 114) what may be causing the rust on only 1-side of the panel on the breakers. Panel is in a small utility room, has a door to the room, washer & dryer, electric water heater and furnace also in room. The breakers, at the line connections show no rust and are clean. The rust is visible on the breaker housing screw. The top (5) show for better explanation what looks like a battery when it leaks, only white.
GE panel with GE breakers. The white splatter is knock-down finish used on ceilings. Condo is 16 years old.
Could the breakers be going bad?

Obviously related to what was in the overspray.

I’m not sure Bob as each breaker shows more liquid than the other. I used a pencil and the white is soft.
So your thinking that the overspray is what caused the rust? and the liquid or paste is just the overspray that gets warm from the breaker.

Well you did say that corrosion in the picture was only on the left side we see right ?

Just seems like a no brainer but I would simply note it,recommend the pro and move on.

What else could it be ?

Yes, only on the left side. 2 -questions.

  1. why then would it not rust at the wire screw. and
  2. I should then rule out bad breakers. Right.
    I did call it out as rust with concerns and recommended an electrician review.
    Just wanted to update knowledge and maybe save the client the expense.

That paint splatter is heavy enough to be a concern as is.
Perhaps slightly different metal or overheating .
Any idea why that 20 is tripped ?