Condo (Shared Attic Region)

The last couple of Condo inspections I have done where units build in the later 80’s. I include the Attic as part of the inspection. The last few had a shared attic region. Do you write up that there is no fire wall between units? Also what narrative do you use to let your client know that it is a shared attic and unwanted access can be made through their access hatch by other owners in their building.

"Do you write up that there is no fire wall between units?"



Our office reports the lack of firewalls as it may be an insurability issue.
We do not report or speculate on one’s ability to access other units thru the attic area.

Same as Dan

I have come accross a couple of these. They were ok at the time built. I tell clients, add comment in report of wide open attic. Also in written report tell clients to put a lock on attic hatch. Once you talk about a lock on hatch they get it.

There are some like that here that were built in the last 10 years. All the home inspectors in town know of the problem but the AHJ I guess didn’t care. The bad thing about it is that the furnace is up there. So don’t even have to have the fire start in another unit it can start right there in the attic space. People still buy them. Unless the place burns up I guess no one will care. Still write it up and let they know it’s unsafe.

I do make mention in the report of the fire hazard and generally get the shrug of the should from client that its nice to know but no real concern. I started to add comments that a latch is recommended on access panel to prevent unwanted access from shared attic space.

Yes. Take pictures, inform the buyer, check with their insurance agent, document, done.

Some units larger than 4 only contain one center firewall. Older codes are different from newer ones. Some get grandfathered. Better to let the buyer know now, then when the fire starts, and they call you.