Anyone ?

I have a WMit next week for a 1st floor Condo. There is a 2nd floor of neighbors. I thought roof / attic was common area and the Association insured this area. All the players know the type of building this is and still ordered the report.
This is a first for me…

Whats your question? If there is an attic get in it and inspect the features, if its flat concrete roof then you just made easy money.

The question is obvious, and I know how to get into an attic.
I am questioning how absurd the scenario is. Plus the fact the neighbors directly above is out of the country. I’m sure there is fire stops in the common attic truss’, do I note I inspected the attic 4 units over or just not get too specific ?

Good points, Greg. I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with wind mits but I think you’re right on with being specific as to what area that you inspected (accessible) in a condo situation like you describe.

The scenario is not uncommon.

Also, in my experience, as long as a firewall does not extend through the roof then there is no problem completing the attic inspection 4 units down (as long as the client’s unit and attic unit are under one common roof). Other inspectors may include notes but unless there is something really out of the ordinary, I don’t usually include a note for something like this.

In days past they would (underwriters) accept the building wide WM for individual condo owners and the individual owners WM was basically a shutter inspection.

Recently, the underwriters want to know the attic makeup even if the attic is several floors above the inspected property. In addition, they will not accept the building wide WM for individual condos.

This creating alot of confusion for agents, condo owners, and inspectors. Sometimes there is no attic access unless the upstairs condo owner lets you in.

In addition, there are licensing issues that are not being addressed. If an HI is on the 7th floor doing an attic inspection, does he have to worry about being accused of acting outside his licenses? Eventhough the inspection is clearly for an individual condo owner on the 4th floor. Intentionally or not, the HI is De Facto performing a building wide WM regardless of what inspection form he uses.

Half the time, the issue with the Building Wide WM is that it doesn’t have the right pics. Are my pics being spread around now as documentation for someone elses inspection? Are my pics being used were I’m not being compensated? It seems like we do one WM and they don’t need any more.

I have 3 condo inspections on hold, waiting for one of the second floor snow birds to show up and give access.

How much you want to bet that after we do one, the other 2 will not need a WM?

Big thanks you guys, exactly what I was looking for…