Conductor discoloration

light rust found on each terminal screw on each breaker, along with at the bottom of the panel.

i could feel air infiltrating the panel where the service conductors enter it.

could moist air entering the panel cause copper conductors to discolor this way?

i need reassurance of the color of the conductors.
is it possible that the copper conductors are patina???
or is this tin coated copper?
check the color of the ground wires.

sorry for the sub par pics.




Dang straight.

I had water get into my panel, duct seal failed, and quickly breaker screws rusted. Had to replace some breakers.

Defer to a qualified electrician for further investigation.



and this would likely explain the discoloration ( patina ) of the copper conductors?

The only thing I can see is the double taps on the white wires .
Roy Cooke

Looked at the photos finally, are those black wires under the neutral bar?

Oh, what Roy said too.




nope, those are bare ground wires.
Even the bare solid wire GEC was like this.

my main concern is their color.

because of the air infiltration, could it be that the bare copper wires have patina due to high humidity in the panel???

Raceways entering from a cold area to a warm area (and vice versa) are required to be sealed off. A little insulation stuffed in the nipple would have prevented this problem. Your picture is pretty bad. Probably no permanent damage, but certainly worthy of writing up.

thanks as always