Conductor sheathing type

Any known issues with this conductor type? It appears to be copper with a ground. What is sheathing type called? (metallic sheathed?. This type of conductor was spliced to new Non-metallic sheathed through-out. Thank you.


I think it’s just a gray fabric.

Sure enough. Some of it was finished with a silver “paint” of sorts, and that sorta makes it look metallic. It’s still nonmetallic sheathed cable, but just not the thermoplastic sheathing you’re used to seeing.

It looks like that old stuff, we used to call cloth wiring.

I concur…it’s cloth coated wiring. Nothing wrong with it.

1960’s wiring, 14/2 in green and orange, 14/3 in brown and orange, larger sizes in silver, orange, grey. OK if the mice leave it alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

wire 002.jpg