Cloth wire or cloth sheathed non metalic cable?

My respected colleagues, what do you think of these threads ?? Could you help me define? Thank you very much!

A good article;

Plus there’s some other stuff going on in that panel…



I saw that these wires don’t go through a circuit breaker… you mean that, correct Thomas?

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Ohhh wow, Jeffrey!! thank you very much for your effort!! It’s very clear!!!

The question that everybody wants to hear! this is cloth wire???

Not exactly. It is NMC.
Non-metallic cloth. No issue.


So it’s not cloth wire…The electrician was right…

On a 4 point inspection I rated the electrical installation of this photo as Unsatisfactory. You agree?

I groan every time I hear that term being used.
I have never seen wire that was made out of cloth.
Now, the sheathing… that’s a whole 'nuther story.
Cloth Sheathed/Braided Non-Metallic Cable.

History of Old electrical wiring identification: photo guide


It’s completely wrong there are several double tapped lugs only one cable per breaker or lug.

Are you a licensed home inspector?? No offense but you should at a minimum know that

Yes, I`m… You ask me this because you think the answer is too obvious?

I don’t want to discourage anyone from asking a question just do what you think is best… you are trained have confidence in yourself

You first. What are your credentials, other than a non-member guest to this MB?


BTW… those are ‘Double Lugged’, NOT ‘Double Tapped’.
Yes, there is a difference!


No, I would not call that unsatisfactory.
They still have the thermoplastic insulation. Not the type of wiring insurance is concerned about.
But if you label it as such, it will cause a nightmare for the buyer, because the insurance guy behind a desk has no idea what he is looking at


Thank you Jeffrey, I consider your contribution to my topic very valuable. I believe everyone contributed to this.
I am very happy to belong to this group.


You’re right, I even talked to the electrician and he told me that this double-lugged could be a surge protection. And he saw the photos I sent…I learned all of this…I noticed how my fellow inspectors here are concerned about helping…and the final result: the surge protector will be replaced and the electrical panel will be maintained.
Thank you very much my fellow inspectors.


Good job in calling this out and passing it on to an electrician’s opinion. However, I do have questions about the doubles being a surge protector. If he has other info later, please pass it on.

Yes, I can almost guarantee that is a surge protector. I dont typically call this out on the 4 point, but I do call it out in my report to the buyer. Here is the narrative I use, albeit kind of long: (feel free to use)

Improper surge protector installation:
There is a lot of debate about how these are to be installed, but typically there are two types, with different manufacturer requirements:

Type 1 - Is to be installed between the transformer and the line side of the service (Meter)

Type 2 - Is to be installed on a dedicated two-pole breaker on the bus bars inside the panel.

-Neither one of these types are to be installed directly with the main service cables under one lug, (this is also called a double tap), or double tapped with any other breaker. Although fairly common, this is also a violation of the panel manufacturer’s requirements: The main lugs and breakers are typically not rated for two conductors under the same screw (double tap)
Recommend electrician evaluate and correct as needed.

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