Conduit as Ground

This is what I don’t like about using the conduit at the ground to remote distribution panels:shock: :shock:

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That is what I don’t like about using the conduit as a ground regardless of the application. :mad:

That’s a hack job, anyhow. You’re not supposed to use couplings on bends. They’re not designed for that.

Reference NEMA Standards Publication FB 2.10-2003, *“Selection and Installation Guidelines For Fittings for Use With Non-Flexible Metallic Conduit or Tubing (Rigid Metal Conduit, Intermediate Metal Conduit, and Electrical Metallic Tubing)”. * Section 1.4 covers the proper use and installation of EMT couplings.

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This was an 8 unit condo conversion—Zinsco everything (originally)----conduit installed 1966. I think it came apart when they pulled new wires to the replaced panels.

Granted that is a CRAPPY install and simply wrong…also just a good chance for me to JAB at Chicago and their “overzelous” love for all CONDUIT installations yet “SNUB” a nose at Non-Metallic Cable…:)…:twisted:

Marc, you have once again beaten me to the punch!! Conduit couplings in bends are a no-no. What’a amazing is that they actually seemed to have gotten the bend made accurately!

So, am I to understand that Chicago requires all wiring run in conduit? I have heard that some jurisdictions “up there” require this. I suppose they think that it’s a more durable installation.

I bet that is where the wire stalled, they cut it, pulled the wire and put it back together. (another violation)

Yeah! Gloat, you Hillbilly, you :mrgreen:

But we gotta live here.:shock:

lol…what…? think VA is the only state with Non-Metalic Cable…ok Chicago-Man…:slight_smile:

Thank god for non-metalic wiring methods. EMT becomes a rusty mess with exposed conductors in a few years down here on the beach.

oh no doubt greg…every year we vacation to Nags Head and the EMT that is exposed down their is a MESS…rusty as all get out…

Part of the logic for requiring conduit in my town (a suburb north of Chicago) is that it’s a lot easier to maintain and upgrade such circuits. And assuming pull-boxes were installed where required, its true. My own house is a good example - I would really like to pull a third kitchen outlet circuit. Hard to pull new wire through BX, however…

lol…I have no problem “FISHING” up a NM Cable…lol…do it all the time…:slight_smile: