Conduit Bushing and NM Cable

I remember reading something about conduit is required to have bushings at fixtures, junction boxes, etc. But what about this situation when it is used to protect NM cable below the ceiling in a basement? The other picture is the bottom of an exterior luminary post from the inside of the garage.

I don’t know if the EMT was reamed to eliminate sharp edges, etc. Am I being too picky?




Take a look here:

Thanks! That says it all. I’m working on this report now. A good reason not to issue on-site reports in my opinion.

I ran into this this one (picture attached) on Friday. This receptacle was added above a hot water radiator to power a through-the-wall air conditioner. Again, another situation of exposed work. I think there is something about receptacles being located above electric baseboard heaters but I don’t remember anything regarding hot water baseboard heaters. I noted this one as a safety concern in that report.