Unprotected wire

During my inspection on Friday I saw this Romex wire coming through the block foundation to power the central air conditioning. I believe that this should have conduit to protect it from the block but I cannot find this defect topic to confirm. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

I always recommend it gets protected (conduit) when I see it.

Rick, like Ryan said, just make a recommendation for safety from damage, or some such.

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Thanks everyone.

NM cable isn’t rated for exposure or damp/wet locations.

Typically a pro installs a flexible whip to the a/c or condensing unit, with a disconnect in an approved location.

Are you concerned about the NM cable being run through the block or the cable hanging freely? Is this on the inside of the basement? If so it would need to be determined if the NM cable were subject to physical damage, a term not defined by the NEC. It’s up to the electrical inspector to decide if it is or is not subject to physical damage. In some places conduit may be required, others allow a running board and some may permit what you see in the photo. IMO the cable run through he block is not subject to physical damage.

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