Conflict of interest....

A little background here - I have a full-time job out side the real estate field, but also do Home Inspections part time. My wife works full-time in an office of an apartment complex as a property manager, and has a real estate license. She does no sell real estate actively, however is she were to represent a buyer, or have a random listing is it a conflict of interest for me inspect the property given FULL disclosure of the situation or is this out of the question all together. If this rule varies state to state I am in Mo.

There are many here who say “if you have to ask…”

I say follow your gut, but it may be shaky ground, since you would have a financial interest in the outcome of the sale.

The legal answer will be dependent on your state

From my understanding it IS allowed but must be disclosed.

I’ve met several HI’s married to REA’s

And they are typically the ones who claim it is no issue.

I know here in NH it is ok as long as it is disclosed to your client beforehand. They should take you telling them to be able to figure out that you are honest with them which should say a lot.

My wife is a REA (NJ), and I can with disclosure, but I don’t. Never have, never will, don’t need any possible problems.

As Steve Miller best put it, “go on, take the money and run.” Who gives a rip… the HI industry ethics are pretty much non-existent/corrupt anyway. Think about it, we’re taught to market a totally different profession, to people who do not pay our fees, and who have a huge financial interest in the sale of the property (which is, for the most part and many times, heavily “influenced” by us.)
It’s o.k. and must be right though, because the money flows abundantly and everyone prospers (if you know the secret to doing it right and keeping everyone happy.)
Just put a smile on your face and have it, you’ll be fine. No worries… a bunch of millionaires can’t be wrong…

I’m sure it’s obvious but I’ll put it in this thread anyways. Make sure you get buyer signed document with verbiage that they are ok with it.