Inspector conflict of interest?


There is nothing to prevent an inspector from also being a licensed Realtor. However, it certainly sounds like it would be extremely difficult for him to be objective in this case. At the least, being a professional who ought to understand the concept of liability, he should have disclosed his relationship with the agency. If it *was *disclosed, it was unwise on the client’s part to hire this particular inspector because of the possible influence his Realtor profession has on his livelihood.

If you do not know the answer to that, better go learn some life. Oh, I forgot. That is not taught in high school these days.

Many RE agents inspect areas in a home for prospective clients, and can by law in most states. If you think it is a conflict of interest, then it is.

Contact your attorney for advice.

Interesting choice of words “inspected a house for a buyer’s agent” usually the inspection will have been done on behalf pf the buyer, not the agent. Do you really know who he did the inspection for? If the inspector was catering to a conflict-of-interest, the most likely scenario would be that he would act to preserve the deal in order to maintain favor with the brokerage. That doesn’t sound like what is happening here based on your description.

You have not conveyed anything that would indicate that the inspector has acted improperly due to a conflict of interest in this transaction, or even that a conflict exists: Was the inspector involved in the deal as an agent/broker? Did the inspector pay or receive payment from the agent or broker in relation to inspection services or for referrals? Is he a principal in the transaction?

I’m struggling to find a motive based on conflict-of-interest for an inspector to submarine a deal put together by the brokerage where he works as an agent.

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