Received from client:

Here is their response:

Am I way off base on this one?

Tell him he’s totally correct and the inspection report is approximately $2000, the inspection is the other 4k :slight_smile:

Ask him what a licensed architect or engineer would charge for the same. Most would not even want to touch it.

Now consider how much it would cost for the major components of the HVAC, electrical and structural and roof systems would charge alone. I would estimate in the ballpark of $1000 each.

You’re actually kind of low at $.13 a foot.

My bid would have been over $10K.

I agree fully.

Their argument is that there is no office space, these are basically two big boxes.
I told them that is why the inspection fee is not higher, on average a property this size could run. $8000

Tell them to have the broker finance the purchase

Different Locations / Different Prices … Different Bldgs . Different Prices

Last 4 we did … Roof, main hvac equipment, main electrical entry / panels, main water entry / hot water source, foundation and building envelope

7,800sf = $1,775 $0.23 p/sf
10,500sf = $1,560 $0.15 p/sf
13,850sf = $1,890 $0.14 p/sf
70,000sf = $6,745 $0.10 p/sf

We’re low I believe compared to Texas, Florida and California BUT in our area we lose about half we bid on cause they get someone to do them way cheaper

Scary but true…

Tell the RE agent to find a $2000 inspector, or inspect the facility himself for that price. Have him assemble a team of professionals to inspect and assemble the Assessment Report.

$2000? I think not…