Congratulations Chicagoland Chapter!

Please join us in congratulating the Chicagoland chapter of NACHI for achieving the Chapter of the Month Award for February, 2007

Good job Pat, Rod, Dan, Jeff, Pat B., Russ M., et al, and all the members of this chapter! Oh and you too Will! Keep up the GREAT work!

Feb award cert.pdf (101 KB)

Don’t forget every single NACHI Chapter member listed here:

The KEY is to PARTICIPATE! Take the time and do the work! It will all come back. We are going to start radio ads, just to seal the deal. Will post the audio file for you all.

All these guys do a great job, work on and with each other and make this award theirs.

Of course, we are NACHI. Is their any wonder?

(This association being crazy enough to elect us :mrgreen: )

Seriously, thanks, you guys. This is yours?


“it’s amazing how much you can accomplish, when it doesn’t matter
who get’s the credit!”

good job


My point exactly! (good old Ronald Reagan quote).

As I have said before, if every chapter member puts in one or two hours a week, supporting the Chapter, Marketing the Chapter, doing ride alongs, writing courses, etc, there is no limit. Too much for one (or even four) guys, but 50 to 80 guys, it’s easy. :cool:

Congratulations . I am so glad for your chapter keep up the good work .
Roy Cooke

Congratulations to the Chicagoland Chapter for this recognition Award for the Month of February.

It is hopefull that other Chapters will follow your Excellence in your exemplified performance.

Keep up the good work.

Marcel R. Cyr

Awards Committee Chairman:) :smiley:

Hats off to all