Considered inside the enclosure

Are these GFCI protected receptacles considered inside the tub enclosure?

100_5525 (Small).JPG

100_5526 (Small).JPG

No but make sure they are GFCI protected.

I agree with Mike, not in the enclosure.

These are helpful:

3ft. by 8 ft. tub shower elec. zone.jpg

Maybe this will help.

Note: the rules are different in Canada.


Question… where was the exhaust fan located?


in the toilet closet

I thought that might be the case by looking at the pictures. The reason I ask is to see how many inspectors would call that out. You now have a room that has a shower and a jetted tub with no exhaust fan for the moisture. Technically, by code, you don’t need one if that window does open. But, who the heck is going to have that window open during the wintertime?


Jeff ,How did you tell the exhaust was located in the water closet from the pics?

Dang Strait they are! 3 feet easy… Ask yourself this? Would you let your kids bathe in there?

Wrong answer

Usually, if they have a separate ‘room’ for the toilet, that’s the only place where they install a fan. Many builders and homeowners don’t realize that the fan is geared more towards evacuating moisture than just smells. You can see the toilet in the mirror on the first pic.


Here’s one that was in the shower stall.

Cadogan Inspection 024.JPG

Cadogan Inspection 023.JPG

Please review the graphic posted in post #4 which shows receptacles and switches installed in a code compliant manner. Why would these receptacles be any different?

Is that an issue?

No parts to cause electrocution.

The fans will generally state that they are suitable for installation in a wet location if GFI protected.


I agree the receptacles are OK where they are. Since this is a hydromassage tub it also falls under Part VII of Article 680 in the NEC.