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Is there a distance requirement for an electrical switch or outlet from a tub or shower?

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There is no requirement other than it not be in the shower, but I have heard inspectors argue that their job is keep their safe clients as safe as possible and recommend moving the switch.

I personally don’t.

Here is a thread I found about this situation, http://www.nachi.org/forum/f19/light-switch-near-shower-40500/index14.html

I learned 3’ from the edge of a wet area.

There is no minimum distance required by the NEC. The closest thing that you will find for a switch and a shower or tub is in Article 404. Just outside of the tub edge is code compliant.

404.4©: © Switches in Tub or Shower Spaces. Switches shall
not be installed within tubs or shower spaces unless installed
as part of a listed tub or shower assembly.

Subjective call, but if this switch is this side of the shower curtain, it can more or less be considered located outside the shower space.
Personally, I would not call this particular one out.

NEC 404.4 Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces unless installed as part of a listed tub or shower assembly.

As long as it’s out of the wet area.

You will not find that requirement in the NEC.

Sorry that you learned something wrong.

I believe the “3 foot rule” is a Canadian thing…

I think so too Jeff.

Good to know. Thanks.

Those switches shown above could move 2" left and still be compliant with code.

This may help

3ft. by 8 ft. tub shower elec. zone.jpg

Thanks everyone.

A receptacle could be in the same location as the switches shown. Why do some think the switch location is such an issue?

I just wrote one up last month for having the switch in the shower area, also had a heat supply in the same tub surround.

I told the buyer it was an old fashioned butt warmer.PICT0079.jpg

I routinely write the switch location up as a “recommendation” to relocate for safety, just like i recommend adding GFCI outlets or additional smoke alarms for safety. I let the buyer know its allowed but could be safer if located elsewhere or added to a GFCI circuit.

Yes it is Jeff. 1 meter is required. Receptacles must be GFI protected if they are within 1 meter.:smiley:

Curious as to why you recommend relocating a switch which is code compliant, what is the actual hazard?