Consumer Advocacy Group Announces Opposition to Missouri HB 2057!!!

Protect the consumer? The consumer doesn’t think so.



Her key quote:

Nancy tells it like it is.

Some of you may have heard about the slaughter of several members of the Kirkwood, Missouri, municipal leaders at a recent public meeting.

Nancy is a resident of Kirkwood and was there at the very next meeting holding the surviving members accountable for manipulating public sympathies for political gain.

She is quite a lady and has her share of influence with several key Missouri politicians.

We consider her decision to stand with us in opposition to HB 2057 as extremely significant.

So much rhetoric has been spewed forth by proponents for these screwy bills as being “in the best interest of the consumer”, and now…for the first time in any state…a national consumer group directly related to the quality of residential dwellings stands up and says “NO” to home inspector licensing.

This is major.

While these arguments are hardly likely to be collected and referred to as “The Federalist Papers”, they do make it interesting for the readers of this newspaper as they learn that there is more to a home inspector licensing bill than just “protecting the consumer”.

First, the paper published this:

Apparently, I raised the ire of some used house salespeople in the western side of my state. Soon, the following was published:

I responded as follows, which was published today:

Why is E&O insurance so high if, on average, inspectors have so few complaints?

Here is a better question.

Why do the providers of E&O hide and refuse to reveal the actual numbers of complaints that actually result in judgments awarded as a result of trial?

I think that the fact that, to date, we have no non-profit corporations providing this service might have something to do with this.:wink:

I would be happy just to know how much their total cost is, regardless
of how they settle the case (most don’t go to court, but still cost them money).

Non-profit corporations? Help me.

The carpet baggers can hardly contain themselves.

I hope that we are successful in disappointing them.

Quality required HI training , not to mention any/all required training is good for the profession. Unless your afraid that other HI’s in your area may start knowing more than you, and get more business than some one with no HI training, why would you not want your competition to have required HI training ??:roll: :roll: :roll:

Missouri does not have a licensing requirement and, accordingly, does not approve licensing courses.

This is the carpet bagging entrepaneurial equivalant of a premature ejaculation.

If you say so. Personnaly I cannot relate to that .
If you have another example maybe I could see your point:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Mr Harris

Read and try to understand the web site. If you don’t see a problem then take their on line course

I have high hopes for you.


Are you saying this course is not, and will not be endorsed by nick now or in the future, or if I complete this course it won’t qualifiy me for free nacho membership,:roll: :roll:


No I am saying that you will not meet the educational requirments of the state of MO or FL


Go spend your money and get the education needed for a license in MO and FL from this company - FL and MO have no license requirments at this time and no eductional requirments

Read their web site. I am sure it is my lack of understanding of the English language on my part and not yours

If it is mine I am sure that the money you spend will help you obtain a license in these two states

Back to the point in question - licensing

My dog has one - my car has one - I had three called city and county occupational licenses. They really protect the consumer

We have a fine court system to protect the consumer plus the real big one called BAD PRESS.

How about a 4 year degree in home inspection and state testing in all states?

Some how I do not understand the making of a law when there is no need.

Remember the HI pays a fee for the license the is close to what the costs are to the state to admin the program – he ups his total expence to his clients to stay in bus.

Who gets it in the shorts?? THE CLIENT and that is who we are trying to protect.

Look at it this way - If I make 100,000 a year before expences and real expences are 50,000 that means that for me to pay 100 dollars for a course or license that I must make an extra 200 dollars to break even

Start runing the numbers on what 25 required CEs cost not you but your client.

Trust me license is BS - it does not protect the client

Just look at the local city the you live in and the local building department.

So go spend you money Dan

The education will be very worth while - you do need it


25 quality CE credits, considering cost of the CE and time off work, will cost apx -3000-5000. 400 inspections per year = 7 -12 per inspection.

Quality CE taught by professionals, will provide me additional knowelge to save my customer thousands .
That alone is Worth it to me, to spend 7 -12.00 per inspection My customer, I'm sure they are willing to pay me additional 7-12 per inspection due to the additional knowelge I payed for.

Of course I could always, spend $1 per inspection by paying nick $400 for him to tell the customer I am a certified master inspector, :twisted: :twisted:

Over the past 2 months I’ve seen several groups like this advertising to take an ONLINE 120 hr (???) course to get qualified for your Missouri HI License.

Always 120 hrs - when we don’t even have a license. Seems like somebody is PLANNING on something. Wonder who?

It’s going to be a real pleasure to disappoint them.

They will have to recruit for students based upon the merit of their program. There will be not legislature mandating attendance in their classes this year, if we have anything to say about it.

From the letter:

“*I am President of Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings, a national grass roots not for profit (501c3) advocating for the safe and sound construction of new homes.” *
This org is dedicated to fighting poor construction practices in **new homes built by builders not HI’s. !!! What does this group have to do with HI practices??? **

*“In the 15 years that I have been dealing with homeowners in Missouri I have never had a complaint against a Home Inspector.” *
Of course not! Why would anyone complain to a group fighting/advocating about poor construction practices by new home builders and that has really nothing to do with HI training, practices or regulation.

This is letter is all a smoke screen and distraction from the real issues. Why she should have an opinion carrying more weight than anyone else is a distortion. Usually groups like this are privately and poorly funded by a small group of citizens who had problems with builders. SO…Who’s donating to her org to get her support?


Do we see something against the law here or am I just picking on someone??


Home inspectors are quite regularly engaged in inspections related to new constructions. I don’t understand your confusion.

This is a consumer advocacy group that represents the interests of people who have been victimized by Missouri’s unlicensed builders and unlicensed contractors…in counties where building codes are not on the books and/or are not enforced.

These consumers, and the group that represents them, is extremely relevant to this argument.

You really need to open your mind to facts and stop looking at your narrow agenda through such of a narrow perspective.