Missouri HB Introduced


Introduced by Parsons, no co-sponsor. Enjoy the finer details of this diddy


Looks like you have to join a national association, but none of them use a “written examination.” Looks like we’ll be converting ours to paper and pencil for MO.

First point of interest

Horse before the cart maybe

That is if the examination is approved.



and the proposed bill says it has to be proctored…I can only think of one proctored exam endorsed by a national association. Hint: it’s not NACHI’s.

I’m all for it.

It is interesting a state is considering licensing in which probably 75% of it’s counties don’t have licensing for contractors, or even have county building inspectors.

Truly, the cart before the horse.

Hey look, the head of the board is going to be an executive director! One would have thought maybe chairman. I wonder if he gets bonus pay? Probably something that will be determined by the board.

Did I miss something? I can’t find out how much it’s going to cost.


I like it. Let’s try to push this one through.

Licensing solves nothing.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. I will try to remember that line.:wink:

…good to see we agree on something JB.:smiley:


ASHI monitors our board closer than we do and they are working under the radar in Missouri to further their interests. I intend to publish nothing on this board, regarding any ongoing efforts to stop this nonsensical effort, that might possibly benefit them to know about.

Suffice it to say that I am confident that their plans to govern home inspections in Missouri through this particular piece of legislation is far from being a sure thing.:wink:

HELP!!! I live in Missouri. Has this passed? Is this now the law? In November my husband and I opened a Home inspection business as an LLC .does this make us a partnership and not eligble for state liscence?I have passed the NACHI exam thinking that being a member of national association would put me a step a head of the new requirements,however; this isn’t the same bill I had seen a few months back.
My husband is a residential framing foreman.He owned his own roofing and construction company in Missouri for 21 years.I am the NACHI member and have been online daily studying Home inspection thru various tools offered by NACHI.I would think these things should help us recieve liscence ,but the wording of this bill tells me I need a formal 120 hours of home inspection class work,or 80 inspections under a liscensed home inspector.does this mean that any home inspections I have done before the law takes effect do not count? story of my life,I have spent countless hours studying to get this goinf and now i may be at a stand still.

Don’t panic, Elizabeth.

A small group of ASHI members, in conjunction with the Missouri Realtor’s Association, are taking a stab at controlling our profession through this effort. They have failed before, but think they have a good shot this time for some reason.

Send me your email address and I will let you know what you can be doing to assist in the effort to stop this bill from becoming law.


This was just introduced yesterday. Rep Parson’s is going this one alone, without a co-sponsor

The Bill is mostly garbage. Everything is opened ended and to be established by a control board. If you read the Bill, inspectors currently in the business, whether one month or 20 yrs will be required to take 120 hrs of ed and past a test. No Grandfathering and inspectors could be put out of biz, period

MAREI, the other more senior of the current State groups will be taking this to task. Parson’s has been working directly with the “A” group for some time now and put out this drivel. We have members in Joplin, Springfield, other areas of the state and in KS . There will be things that you can do and if you’re interested i can put you into contact with MAREI staff members.

Email or PM me if you want more info.


Jim & Paul -

I’m shocked at you two. How can you be so rude and desultory to your fellow inspectors and stirring up a pot by stating that 1 group in particular might have something to do with this remarkably well worded piece of legislative. Shame gentlemen - shame.

Remember as they keep telling us - we’re all in this together. Just local home inspectors looking out for each other, yaddi, yaddi, yaddi.

Excuse me now - gotta clean myself, just threw up.

It gives nothing away to share with you part of Mr. Parson’s response to an inquiry I recently made to him, just to show you how bureaucratic illogic can be expressed.

Are we all clear, now?

The importance of this legislation is that it allows us to “be the ones doing the regulating”. In other words, in the mind of this politician we need the State to pass a law so that we can regulate ourselves.

I need a drink.

Make it a double. Hey its noon, I wonder if its a three martinni lunch in Jeff City :roll:

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

James shared the email with me. Mr. Parson has had two complaints in two years. Sounds like a good reason to license all of these bad, incompetent home inspectors to me. :roll:

I wonder if another legislator is going to intruduce legislation to license the building contractors, or to establish county building inspectors in the 75% of the counties with none. :shock: