Consumer needs help.

Dear NACHI members:

I recently had a three sided townhouse on a concrete slab refinished with synthetic stucco and have several questions that I am looking for answers to.

I have received answers from different sources that are very conflicting and pertaining mostly to homes in the east or southeast.

*I know that all of the homes in the Albuquerque NM area that I have seen have the stucco finished at or below grade level. *

1. How far below grade level should the stucco be applied in order to prevent moisture from entering the walls? Or is this a concern?

2. If the old stucco was water damaged from the water draining off of a flat roof to the point that it looked like chicken wire cracks, should the old cracked stucco have been completely removed prior to any type of cement patch?

3. Where small but long cracks were repaired by placing a cement patch over them they stand out and are very obvious to the eye?

4. Should the stucco pretty much maintain the same color on all walls?

5. Should the stucco be applied pretty even over the entire house rather than looking like it is 1/2 inch thick here and 1/32 inch there
and even missed in places?

6. How can I match a color chart to be certain that it is El Rey Stucco that was applied?

Any answers to the above questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You;](

  1. Stucco in reality should not go below the ground level
    2)Yes if would like a good Finnish
  2. Without seeing it its hard to answer, but it does not sound like to was repaired very well
  3. When new yes, over time walls that are in the sun or catch the rain will fade faster than others
  4. Yes it should be the same
  5. Don’t know that answer sorry

Stucco should not be applied / installed below grade.

Hard Coat Stucco should be approximately 1.5 inches thick, if properly installed.

Email seems to indicate an Improper Installation that is currently Problematic.

Specialists need to be contracted for further evaluation…

If the Application was suggested to be Elrey, contact the manufacturer to have a representative further review…