Continuing Education

What does everyone think about having monthly online continuing education meetings at the CMI message board?

We could invite a non home inspector member expert in a chosen field of expertise to take part in an hour long give and take session regarding any number of subjects. Maybe the chosen expert could provide a short paper in advance of the meeting and then answer questions with regard to same.

We could for example work our way through all the various construction trades, environmental issues, green building compliance, soils and geology, etc…

If organized and set up correctly, these meetings and educational sessions may even provide CE credits for our various HI organziations.

Much success to all…

Great idea. Good thinking.
As you said… post a teaching at the CMI forum and then start the meeting
in the live chat room with Q & A. Excellent idea.

Everyone can invite quality guest and have them contact me when you get a
positive response. Make sure you only invite someone you have confidence in.

You can email me when you get someone lined up.

<info AT> (spam proof email address)

Just let me know at least a day in advance so i can set them up with speaker statice.

Any ideas on subject matter for the first educational meeting? We should also consider having these meetings on fixed dates and times. For example first tuesday of the month at 8PM EST. This will allow all CMI inspectors to plan accordingly and help us garner as much involvement in these meetings as possible.

I vote for thermal imaging as the subject for the first meeting. Sounds as though many inspectors have interest in learning more about the technology and its applications in the home inspection field. Maybe one of the existing camera owner CMI’s can contact Flir or a training organization about speaking to our group.

Thanks for your input,