Continuous radon monitor qualifications

hi there! i’m new to internachi and also a relatively new home inspector (first year)
i’m a licensed radon inspector in the state of new york and i was looking to upgrade to a CRM instead of using charcoal canisters. i read somewhere that "The results MUST be analyzed and the results reported by an ELAP-certified lab? so i guess my question is anyone using a CRM in NY, are you registered as a lab as well? or do you send the results to a 3rd party lab?

I use Radalink’s AirCat (, and am very happy with their monitor. The lab typically sends the report within an hour of uploading the test results.

i found that to be very pricey, but i also do not have regular inspection schedule yet, iv only done 3 radon tests. so that might be an option down the road

thank you