Recommendations for Radon Monitors?

Needing recommendations for radon monitors/companies to work with? I looked into Radalink, but I feel that their monthly leasing prices are pretty high per monitor. I understand they have services that go along with it, but still seems high to me.
Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

KCHI Home Inspections
Kansas City

Reconsider Radalink. Get the air cat. They will give you a $500 credit for InterNACHI members every year, which pays for your membership. They will also calibrate the unit for you without an additional fee.

It’s the easiest money to be made. Simply pick up the monitor 2 days later, download the results on your phone, and hit send. They email you an awesome report and you just forward it to your client. Boom.


Using them for 15 years now. Use two red kits for every test. No electronics to fail, or to get stolen. Clients can wait an extra day for professional lab results; not some paper strip from a machine/robot. IMHO.


As far as I can tell, the Radalink data download is NOT compatible with iPhones… need to have a device compatible with Windows, Windows Mobile, or Windows CE. This is the deal breaker for me.

works perfect on android.