Using CRM in New Jersey

I was wondering if anyone uses a CRM while testing in for Radon in NJ. I was thinking of buying a couple units but I heard NJ doesn’t let inspectors use them. I could be wrong Im just checking, and if so is this test result a legal radon result after the 48 hr exposure time or it still has to be sent to a lab? Thank you in advance for all you help!

You need a certification from the state to perform radon testing in Jersey.

I have my certification , but I am getting last minute requests lately that customers are in need of the results with 3 or 4 days. So I just wanted some info for the CRM units to see if it would be worth purchasing a couple. I here they are faster then sending the canisters out to the lab and if the lab is backed up then I here the BS of why it is taking so long.

Rad Elec Inc.

I recently looked into that here in NJ and it appears to run into a nest of complications concerning the equipment and regulations. You would have to set up periodic NIST-traceable calibrations, for example. You would probably also have to get the measurement specialist license, which is only available if you have a degree in “hard science” (physics, chemistry, engineering). As far as doing it through your affiliated certified lab, the one I work with says it would be so much trouble for them that they would have to charge me more than it could possibly be worth.

Even some of the companies that sell consumer continuous monitoring units won’t ship them to NJ!

I thought getting one of those would kind of help with marketing radon testing to schools and day cares. Last minute before closing testing I hadn’t thought of, but that makes sense too.

Kind of similar to the long-term testing situation here, too - it can be done but it’s a bit of a headache.