Continuous Radon Monitors and ELAP NY?

I recently purchased a CRM, I am a certified home inspector in NY and have taken the Radon class (Radon certified). Upon doing some research yesterday, I found this information on the NY Dept. Of Health website:

“Remember that, while a certified radon tester may collect samples, anyone who analyzes and provides the results of those tests must hold New York State Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Approval Program certification. ELAP certification ensures that the results obtained from an individual or firm are accurate and reliable. This means that, while charcoal canisters, alpha track detectors and/or continuous radon monitors may be deployed by radon testers certified by AARST, NRSB, NJ, or PA, the actual test must be analyzed and the results reported by an ELAP-certified lab.”

My question is… am I required to get this ELAP certification in order to give my clients their printed radon test results?

Yes…you need Elap