Radon Certification

Does the InterNACHI online Radon Course get me certified by the NYS Dept of Health. Im unclear what the online course will provide, does anyone else have a clearer understanding. I’m not even entirely sure i need any particular certification to place charcoal canisters?

The NYS Dept of Health does not certify radon testers per sec. NYS recognizes certification by national bodies like NRSB or NRPP. The NYS website that describes this sucks! Apparently the INACHI radon course does allow one to qualify to take the appropriate certification test required.

I agree with Gerald. To lay the canisters you do not need any certification that I know of. You should however know the general guidelines for placement and such to avoid issues (which I am sure you already do). I got certified by the NRSB however again this was not required, I just wanted the additional training.

I’m sure ill be getting certified soon, i was just finding the information available almost unintelligible. NY makes it sound like you should be certified to place and retrieve canisters but doesn’t actually say it. Not that i mind learning new tricks, but when i add up all of the continuing education required to maintain all the licensees i need to take 1 month off a year to stay on top of it all.

Nick should lobby the NYS Dept of Health on this one. Although I took the NRSB course and exam, because I never joined the organization, I cannot be listed on the site.

The criteria should be training and a test. Period. Nothing has changed with regard to radon since its inception. Paying dues to NRSB is meaningless. You either got a certification from a recognized body, or you didn’t.

If the Dept of Health requires ongoing training and a membership, then NACHI should lobby for recognition in this area.