Notice to Sellers before inspection

I’m a new inspector looking to make sure I cover my bases with info/requests to homeowners before inspecting their property.

What are some of the things you always tell seller’s agents to pass along to their clients before an inspection?

To clarify, I’m referring to things like “Please make sure pets are secured and thermostats are unlocked and able to be operated, etc”


You need to be much more specific. For whom will you be working? If I am doing a buyer’s inspection (most often) I typically have no contact with the seller’s agent.


I’ve never had contact with a sellers agent before an inspection.


I may meet the seller’s agent at the time of inspection. It’s important to remember who exactly is your client. Even if the buyer’s agent recommended you or contacted you to do the inspection, unless they’re paying you (agent), you work for the buyer.


I’m referring to the things you would tell the homeowner before you do an inspection of their property. I assume that it’s standard practice for sellers to be made aware that an inspection is scheduled? I would also assume this would be done through the seller’s agent?

I’m not sure what this has to do with my question… My client (usually the buyer) is my client. Regardless of that, I am entering someone else’s property to do an inspection and I’d like to prepare them for that, when possible.

Don’t tell them anything. Ask them to leave the premises with any animals. Ask them if there are any circuit breakers off why are the circuit breakers off. Ask them are there any windows you should not open. Ask them if there’s anything else you should not operate before you perform the inspection and why.

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Well that makes it a little clearer. you just set a time with your client. The agents will then contact one another as needed to confirm with the seller.

After the inspection if you want to leave a note thanking the seller (whom you may not even meet) I believe there is a thank-you letter to seller on InterNACHi somewhere.


I rarely email a listing agent unless someone enters that info in the online order field or my client provides the info on the phone. I do not go out of my way to find listing agent info. That is the buyer’s & buyers agent’s responsibility here in my neck of the woods.
But when I do, it looks something like this:

Hello %sellersagentfirstname%,


%company% has been contacted to perform a property inspection on your listing at %inspectionaddress%. The scheduled date and time have been set for %inspectiondate% at %inspectiontime%.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the buyer’s agent, %buyersagentdisplayname% %buyersagentagencyphone% or our office at %officephone%.

So that we may perform the inspection as scheduled, please make sure:

  • The utilities are turned on (gas, water, electric)
  • Pets are contained
  • Components, Systems, & Rooms are accessible (most notably water heaters, electric panels & attics)

We want to thank you and your clients for allowing us access to the property. We look forward to having the opportunity to be of service to you and your clients when you have future inspection needs.

Thank you again,



Dear Home Seller:
Thank you for allowing me [and the potential buyer] to inspect your home. We realize that we are guests in your home, and we conducted ourselves with the utmost respect for your property.
Although I had to open and close windows and doors, and test systems and appliances, etc., I made every attempt to leave your property in the same condition that I found it. However, please take a moment to
check the following to make sure that I have reset them for you properly:
door locks thermostat/s range settings/oven & cooktop window locks GFCIs faucets lights attic access drapes/shutters
alarm codes gates
other: ____________________
Additional comments:_________________________________________________

Once again, thank you very much for allowing us into your home. If you have any questions or observations, you may reach me directly by calling 954-326-2679, or by emailing me at:
Also, if you are moving locally and are in need of an inspector, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
You can find a comprehensive list of my services at
I promise to give you my very best effort!

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I always notify the listing agent so they can notify the seller. I send the listing agent the inspection date and time. I ask the the utilities be turned on, ask to turn any alarms off, ask to secure any pets, ask to clear the obstacles below the attic access and finally ask to confirm how I get access lockbox code, SupraKey, etc. recently I have started notifying the agent if the buyer will be attending due COVID.


I just email them and ask that all defects that are present be corrected by qualified professionals before I get to the home.


I’ve never contacted a seller ahead of time.


Here we contact the listing agent to book an inspection.

Thank you. That’s a good list.

Same here. That’s why I would tell the listing agent to pass along this info to the owner.

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I pretty much do the same as Randy.

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Same here, and it wouldn’t matter anyway.
Sellers/owners or (worse) tenants will all do whatever they want, even when they know your coming for a confirmed appointment.

Your absolutely correct on this. Your obligation is to the client who is paying for the inspection. The sellers side on this is up to their agent to let them know when and at what time the inspection will be done and approximately a time frame on how long it might take. As long as anything else- just make sure the client and their agent knows this so they can make contact with the selling agent.