Convention pics

Like my placement of the sprite bottle? :smiley:

Here are some from Deanna:

Excellent pictures. We want more.


Is that your wife in pic#10?

Ya Chris, would you like me to place your real picture for all to view?

very nice

Is Chris 12 or am I 100? :slight_smile:

Let’s just say Chris is currently of drinking age :smiley: .

Years ago he became NACHI’s IT Director at the ripe old age of 16… thank GOD.




More Pictures please

Hey, Nick

How did you get Roy Newcomer & Scott Newcomer to come to the Convention? They only support the other Assoc. not NACHI?

What, you didn’t get any pics of us at the Irish Pub, Todd??

Deanna, are you propping John O up in that pic?

:cool: Nice Pics! Looks like everyone had a fun time.

Here are some more: