Conventional framing or site-built?

First inspection today and told client the trusses were site built, lacking collar ties and the bracing was just thrown in there probably for a sagging roof. Recommend engineer to evaluate. 1953 single story FL gulf coast.
What’s your narrative ?
Observed inadequate load support for the roof truss framing. Site-built trusses are missing collar ties and bracing installed at random. Recommend further eval by certified engineer or GC.

Thanks all

To start with those are rafters not trusses. Was the roof sagging or not?


Based only on what what I see in your photos… I have no concerns with the rafters or visible roof structure.
The insulation and other items are another story.


Do you mean it’s your first appointment today, or your first inspection ever?


So the rafters appear to be performing, but you can see that some extra support has been added.

I have a narrative I use just for situations like this. It is called “Support Added.” I use it when I see this type of thing in the attic, and also when I see wood or metal posts added in basements, where it is fairly clear that added support was not part of the original construction.

The narrative basically says that extra support appears to have been added and to consult with the current homeowner about any engineering and/or permit paperwork available, and if not available, to have the system checked by a qualified structural contractor. It also says to monitor the performance of the system and to have it evaluated if any changes in performance are observed.


I go a bit further (with basements) as to request the REASON for the added support(s). It may have been to handle the weight of a piano, multiple bookcases, a large aquarium, waterbed, etc. which may no longer be in place, so requesting an SE @ $400+ dollars won’t sit well with anyone. I certainly don’t want that phone call, even if it is a non-issue.


Good idea.
And I should have went to school to be an SE, lol.

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So should I, had I know and used a crystal ball! Most SE’s I have had experience with are useless when it comes to Residential SFH’s. They all want the big bucks, and don’t spend the time to actually do their jobs!


Hey, we have really nice and helpful SE’s on our message board.


That’s one of the factors in how to recognize a bad one off the MB!! :wink:

Here is a bit of helpful information. From the article

Other facts about collar ties:

  • They may or may not be required, depending on the jurisdiction. InterNACHI inspectors should not call out a lack of collar ties as a defect unless they know that collar ties were required in the jurisdiction where the home is located at the time the home was built.

Collar Ties vs. Rafter Ties - InterNACHI®.

I call these struts and purlins vs braces


Is this you??


Like a whole bunch in this organization, Manny, they jump into this profession with half of what they would need to fully service the public like most people ethically would.

Home Inspector James Frame HI14198

Anyone with that kind of experience would not call roof rafters trusses. It is unfortunate that there are so many that jump into this inspection trade before fully qualified and have to publisize false qualification in order to make a living.


Unfortunately we have a lot of that in Texas as well! :frowning_with_open_mouth:

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HI state license for about eight months.
No other state contractor licenses… … …


Somebody had to sweep the floors for 20 years….

From Frame Property Inspection


I have to say reading this entire thread was more than a little scary…Site built trusses ???. recommending an engineer???


Morning, James. Hope this post finds you well.
Site manufactured trusses do exist. Run into this type of roof framed structure every now and then. More in rural developments than major metropolises.

Here is site manufactured roof trusses for 2 months back. Look at Gusset and Plates fasteners. Not perpendicular the fastening surface and all over driven.

NY state makes you keep all of your advertisements for a couple of years… this is the reason why. Some people are daring indeed, to say the least. A guy knows building codes but not what a truss is, you cannot make this up! Of course the excuse is always I didn’t build the website… the intern got the info wrong or it was a template that never got updated. Welcome to the planet of apes, enjoy your bumpy ride! :laughing:


And, I never check the work someone else does on my website or elsewhere, for my business benefit… :flushed:

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