Framing in attic

What you say about this type of workmanship???



I’d say why did the contractor not remove all the temporay props that he used while stick building this roof system!
And what are those little gismos on a couple of rafters that I see.?:):smiley:

Is some of it repair work? Lumber looks newer.

This is a new house! Built in 2009! Those are roof vents.

Hey Buck, at least the ridge boards are braced.

No collar ties?

Buck, Joe F. in the previous post is correct about collar ties ( they are missing), but with his question mark, I agree with what is the point to this post? Most of the posting is directed towards the bracing W/ plates to the roof members ( I think?) but you can’t tell as per WTF.
What the framers were trying to accomplish with the flat plates above bracing was that it would be under the roof junction of numerous framing members as shown in your pics. In one picture it had 2 different ridges coming from opposite ends that didn’t line up and there was a 45 degree small ridge that connected the two. week connection area. with the plate(s) from the brace(s) they were (the plates) were under numerous framing members meeting.
At that junction and numerous others the plate with one brace was under and bracing numerous major framing members. In one of your pics the #3? the flat plate was under the end of the ridge where the Hip rafter in front came up and the hip in the back (blocked by the brace in the pic) also came to that point along with the main rafter between the hip area. That flat plate with the one brace covered the junction of 4 framing components coming together.
So I believe that the bracing for those roof areas, even though not pretty is serving a purpose.
As far as the collar ties they are definetley missing along with no purlins or purlin braces. In the pics you can’t tell if the rafters are over spanned and in the need of purlins, or if there are purlins just outside of the frame of the pics. Need for purlins can be easily determined by span charts for rafters. But collar ties are lacking and needed at every other rafter as seen in the pictured area. Buck i hope this might be more to the response you were looking for. Joe K