Copy of ASTM E 2018-01

Fellow InterNACHI Members,

I am taking an InterNACHI “sponsored” commercial inspection seminar in a few weeks, which requires a copy of the ASTM E 2018. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the standard for download ? Or better yet does anyone have a .pdf of the standard and would be willing to help out a fellow inspector ?

Thanks for your direction and/or help.

Jack Moreck
Insight Home Inspection, LLC

Call or email Joe Farsetta or Gerry Beaumont. Either of them can direct you how to legitimately obtain a copy.

…or buy it at .

Jack, sent me a email to and I may have what you want?:wink:

I bought a licensed copy of the 2018-08 for $60.00 through ASTM.
I use it as a base-line only on my P.C.A.s.
Jake Accardi
Georgia State Inspections

Google ASTM 2018 “pdf”