Correct or Not

Would you say anything???


I don’t see anything here that would cause siphoning or any other problem. What is your concern?


Thanks, just the amount of turns.

Thanks, again.

The IRC and UPC do not allow a double trap (in series) but you can do a separate trap on each sink (in parallel - as shown) joined together in an appropriate wye to the wall.

Thanks! David

The UPC does not allow this installation. Only one trap is allowed on a trap-line. The UPC would require that the two sinks share one trap.

We do it in Wisconsin but with a clean-out between the two wyes.

Dual trap.jpg

What code does WI follow?

Ammended IBC

The irc allows 2traps to drain into a shared trap arm to the vent connection
The upc specifically prohibits this practice &all traps must enter the vent through individual trap arms.