Triple Traps

Is this incorrect. There are three traps that Y into the drain line.




Not allowed by the UPC. . .

Tough question. Traps in series are prohibited, these are parallel. IRC 3107.1 says ok for 2 traps on one trap arm; UPC says 1 per trap arm; question is whether the Y is part of the trap arm? Tricky.

Thanks Jeff; I had gone for coffee refill before hitting “post”. AND, think of all the extra storage they gain by cleaning that mess up!

Thanks guys

Yes, it is.

All piping from the trap-weir to the vent is part of the trap-arm.

I personally do not see a real world issue with the above.

The drain and vent should be what… 2-3 inches behind the “Y”; probably not much of an issue except on paper.