correct roof penetration

is there a correct method (preferably in code) for electrical conduit to penetrate a flat roof. The problem is the pipe comes straight up to the heat pumps through the roof and the wire is run in an conduit stuck into it and caulked like crazy. I am looking for a standard that should be followed to install these


The pipe it sits in looks to have proper flashing (though aging)

The pipe makes for a solid pitch pan and as far as the silicone goes it may hold.

A premade boot would be what I would rather see though.
Here check out the site at this link.

That particular penetration is improperly sealed (if it’s sealed at all).

When applying EPDM (rubber material), the sheets of rubber are custom molded for the entire roof, so that rubber gets molded around the pipe itself or a rubber cup will get glued around the top of the penetrating area.

Like this…

scroll down for example details

thanks everyone for the info


Nice link with excellent illustrations.

I like this one…

Excellent site.
Go’s straight to my saves.

Now if only they were all like that. (gotta stop answering late at night as my eyes missed it was EPDM)

Still think the hard pipe makes for a good pitch pan though.

yep, nice to have the cut and paste links to add to reports to show how it should be done, when defects are identified

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