Is this type of penetration ok (not x rated)

Just wondering if it is ok to have roof penetrations thru the middle of a hatch?

DSCN4373 (Small).JPGDSCN4387 (Small).JPG

Two commercial chillers on a 100 unit residential.

If the hatch is needed for roof acces, then no. If it is abandoned or had been modified for this specific purpose for cause, then it’s probably okay.

In a perfect world, no roof penetrations of any type would exist…

Thanks , could not think of anything against it but wanted to make sure.

The chiller lines don’t appear to be sealed (at the penetration) and why would they use roll roofing verses EPDM?

This is a leak waiting to happen (unless it doesn’t rain out there in Illinois)

David, this just looks like another lazy unprofessional mickey mouse way of doing a job right.

It is a patch job, they do not know of a pipe boot for pipe penetrations and obvciously the wrong type of insulation for the exposure.

Marcel :slight_smile:

The question was whether installing it through a roof hatch was okay. it is, even though this particular installaton may suck.

In a perfect World, there would be nothing at all on the roof.

Unfortunately, there is and there are procedures on how to do it so they don’t leak, this one will whether or not it is ok to go through an abandoned hatch.

Question is, Does this installation meet the Installation standards of the roof Manufacturer Warranty if there is one? The answer would be no.

And if there is no ongoing Warranty in affect, Well, you won’t get one either.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Marcel who’s warranty.

Bob, roof warranties are usually assessed to a flat roof by the Manufacturer of whatever type of membrane is used or system.

Around here, if it is a membrane roof or a five ply built up roof the warranties by the Manufacturer will be between 20 and 25 years.

Most buildings will have the roofs redone a few years before the warranty runs out. Or the owner of the roof will push it to complete failure and beyond repair.

I always check and see if there is an ongoing warranty on a flat roof that will continue with a new owner or if it is disclosed.
In this case of your pictures, I do not know as to how it would relate to the overall condition of the roof.
If the remeinder of the roof system looks like that, then it would be easy to not woory about something that is makeshift.

Doing such work and patch on a warrantied roof would void it immediately and if no warranty exists, then if this work were executed by a roofing contractor none would be provided by that installer if the client at the time insisted to have it done and repaired in an unorthodox manner as such.
This is a makeshift roof penetration and is not acceptable for any roof systems that I have encountered.
To say that this is OK, I do not agree and would reccomend an eval by a Roofing Company with possible repairs required.

I am sorry, but I would call this out. CYA


Hi Marcel
They supposidly had the roof redone for years ago, but the rehab (condo) was done 8 years ago.
I guess that tells you something.
The coping was cement and parapet flashing was substandard.
Thanks for the help.

the penetrations look ok, I guess but the insulation on the lines is completely poor. not water proof or sun proof. needs either metal jacketing or vinal jacketing. water leaks into asj insulation, freezing then well uget it…

They appear in good shape if put on in 1999 as the plate said.
Did not include that pic.