Correct Strong-Tie Connection?

Are these hung correctly, without any nails?

Yes, they appear to be correct. Those are top flange hangers, which extend over and are nailed into the top of the I-beam (which the inspector can’t confirm) and they should have two nails (one per side) into the bottom chord of the abutting joist. I can’t tell from the photo whether the bottom chords are nailed.

There are other situations in which an engineer will require the other holes you see to be filled, but you won’t when you’re looking at one of those situations without a set of plans… not your job as an inspector. The hangers had no glue installed before the joists were dropped into the hangers and so some may squeak, but that’s a quality issue, not a structural issue.

I wouldn’t call anything about these hangers as a defect.

Thanks Kenton. I was pretty comfortable with the install, but not sure. I’ve seen similar ones that are welded at the top of steel beams. No there were not ANY nails at the bottom or any where else. I’ll leave it be.

I also just found this.

If there is a hole in the hanger, there usually should be a nail in it, and nailing should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions. Nail quantities and types can affect the load-carrying capacity of the hanger. Tthe hanger manufacturer’s instructions are vitally important, and should be read and understood when selecting and installing hangers.

If the chords are made from a glulam product and are not solid wood, driving nails into the side of the chord flange may split the chord. IMO, the bottom of the chord would be better but couldn’t find any good info on nailing rec’s/practice for the glulam chords.

The addition iin blue above is true and equally important, and is appreciated.

The video linked above shows a tab which is bent over the top of the bottom flange of a composite joist and nailed there.

But Mr. MacNeish is correct, the manufacturers’ recommendations of both hanger and joist are equally important.

Come on down…

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From what I can see in the pictures, these appear to be 560 series Silent Floor I-joist by Weyheuser.

The top mount hangers are not installed correctly per Manufactures installation guide.

The hangers should hang plumb and TJI’s used as headers should have backer blocks and or filler blocks to enamble the hanger to be nailed properly to provide uplift, and rotation factors that are usually set factors in the design.

I would recommend an Architectural review of this framing to see if it meets the proper installation of the design.

It appears that Manufactures recommended installation procedures might not have been followed.

I don’t think it will go anywhere, but need to note it the way it is.

Hope this helps a little.

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Thanks, Marcel. Once again, you nailed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

Thanks Marcel, my impression was that it should have a backer, that open space didn’t look right. But, I was not sure. You’re the best.

Just received this!

The Simpson Strongtie Class is cancelled. The hotel reservations have been cancelled but please call to confirm.

**Due to hurricane Ike, the Gulf Coast contingency of inspectors would likely not be able to attend due to **
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The class is in process of being rescheduled, TPREIA will notify you…if you are not able to attend alternate date, your registration money will be refunded.

**There are communities of the gulf coast that are wastelands. Pray for your fellow Texans. **
Mike Cothran
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Barry, were you affected by that storm where you are?

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As a builder I have been using I-joists for about 12 years and I love them however one must pay attention that subcontractors understand their limitations.

Some of the common problems I have found are:

  1. Improper fastening (wrong nails, wrong nailing pattern etc)
  2. Not utilizing backer and crush blocks as called for
  3. Improper cutting (when used as rafters) and improper notching
  4. Improper band boards being used or bandboard (rimboard) not bearing on foundation sill plate
  5. Improper spacing and / or OSB / Plywood not sheeted correctly
  6. Improper nailing patterns on almost all LVL, Glulams and Paralams
  7. Trimmer joist not doubled and nailed as required
  8. Insulation not installed correctly in crawlspace when I-joist are more then 16" O.C.
  9. Joist web stiffners not employed were required
  10. Wrong hangers being utilized, especially around LVL, Gluelams, etc.

All manufactures drop off installation instructions (usually several copies) to the jobsite as well as technical data sheets left for the code official to review or take put on file for that project…ask to see same.



Not anymore then normal when the weather is fair…we had wind gusts at the house of about 37mph and a few inches of rainfall over the 8th, 9th and 10th. I missed one EIFS inspection and the sellers would not give client an extension…so they walked and had another inspector for the general home inspection…I think they’ll be using him and buying brick after the sellers relluctance and reading the EIFS page on my site…:smiley:

I would take brick anytime Barry, the Wolf can’t blow it down either. :mrgreen:

Why did you miss the inspection?
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You or someone else can nominate if they want to…I think it’s over the top egotistical for me to nominate myself…I’m not that bad, am I…:twisted:

I don’t think there is anything egotistical Barry in nominating a Website,
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In the interim, everyone learns what works and what dose not.

I do not have a website and I enjoy looking at them, for I think it shows how one gets to market and get more clients.

It is a voluntary thing.

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I respectfully accept and throw my hat(website) in the ring…where do I sign up?

Your request and website link is all you need.

Send to I will post it for September for Website of the Year Award.

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Hopefully some of the new Members of INACHI will join in when they see how easy it is to participate.


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