Corroded QPEX Fitting

Hey Guys-

I was tinkering around in my basement and noticed this corroded fitting on my PEX lines. I put these in about 3 years ago. I remember reading about the Zurn and Uponor issues but was sure it wasn’t what I used. But sure enough, when I looked close I found the QPEX stamp on it. And worst of all, it’s what I used to redo all my plumbing for my second story bathroom…which I finally got finished and closed up about a year ago. :mad: Guess I’ll be calling the Zurn lawyers next week and see what the status is on that lawsuit. Just thought I would share what a deteriorated fitting looked like. And of course, certainly open to any advice you might have on how to best move forward. Thanks.


Nice pictures. I think I would start replacing fittings if this were my home. I certainly wouldn’t wait for the class-action suit. A major breach could prove to be catastrophic.

I would get a comprehensive water test to document what you have. I’m not sure if the fittings have any disclaimers about agressive water.

You should replace one asap and then look inside the old one to see how much wall thickness is left.


And excellent pictures too.