At my recent inspection i encountered the issues pertaining to the Brass Fittings QPEX on them. Now i am disclosing it in the report (Using Report Host) and this is a nervous first time home buyer :freaked-: Oh yeah and i did mention I told the client that PEX is being used more often and is okay to use… BUMMER!:roll:

Report Host has a disclosure regarding this issue (e.g: Fittings for the PEX plastic water supply pipes appear to be Zurn Q Pex brass fittings. They are identified by a “Q Pex” or a “QPex” stamped on their side, and are used with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) water supply piping. A class action lawsuit has been filed regarding these fittings. Homeowners allege that the Zurn Pex fittings fail prematurely – sometimes only months after installation. Substantial water damage can occur when the fittings fail. Recommend consulting with a qualified plumber to determine repair and/or replacement options. For more information visit:

Great Info…eh Well… My Question is Does a Home warranty cover this type of issue if it is disclosed?

And if not then who IS? if the sellers are not willing to fix the issue… Well im am driving back there today to verify if it is a Q or just my bad eye sight and to determine how much is used with this Brass type Q, What a pain in my BRASS QPEX!!!

I would appreciate any feed back on this Dilema…

I believe a settlement has been reached with F1807 ftgs. http://classaction.kccllc.net/CaseInfo.aspx?pas=rtisettlement
What are you concerned about? You’ve done your job, no? Let the sellers/buyers/Realtors deal with it.
Ask the warranty company about what they cover…how are we supposed to know that?

I agree. We too use Report Host and I rather like their prepaired statement on the issue. Your job seems done.

What are others reporting on Q-PEX fittings? What’s the standing of the class action suit?