Qest Pex pipe, is it a problem

Client is asking me to let them know about the pex pipe in their home. The home had been repiped around 2004 but there is no record of a permit to verify this. Their insurance company is one that does not like to cover pex. The only information I can find is the name “Qest PEX” on one of the pipes and I was able to get a photo of one of the fittings but there is no,brand name on it. Looking on line, it appears that the pipe was manufactured by Zurn. The pipe is a translucent white and I did not see any signs of corrosion at any of the visible fittings to indicate a leak.

Anyone familiar with this pipe and have any more information? I know that Zurn had a law suite against them for leaks at the fittings but I did not see any indication that these fittings were leaking in any way. As I understand the law suite, the fittings tended to fail in a short period of time.

Was this part of the pip

e that was involved in the law suite?

Sorry, It seems that I inserted the photos in the middle of the text. It did create an interesting appearance though.

Google is your friend…


But Zurn is not.

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Win win win. Way cheaper material costs as good or bettercquality material any rookie can run garden house so there is not need for high paid high quality talent craftsmen to install.

Thank you for your input.