Corrosion Issue Need Advice

Hi I thought this was corrosion from dissimilar metal but they appear the same this is my water heater.

What is the cause?

Is there a fix.

Will it cause a leak.

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

TPR extension blues…:frowning:

Is your water softened?

City water so I think it is it is not hard. what is tpr? I have very little knowledge on such stuff.

Temperature/Pressure Relief valve

The pipe extension out of it should not reduce in size less than the outlet size of the valve. Yours does. It is a hazard.

You could clean with the pipes with white vinegar or LCR cleaner.

It’s hard to tell but it will be easier to see where the corrosion after cleaning.

Looks like factory-installed galvanized nipples attached to copper.

The safety issue should be address first. The reduction in the discharge pipe needs to be corrected.

Fix: New water heater

Ok that is not my major concern. The corrosion is. I was pretty sure the relief was wrong you should see the clear tubing it goes to.

Do you mean a product called clr?

is the galvanized nipples attached to copper what may be causing the corrision?
can it be fixed?

It looks like the corrosion is simply due to leaks. The “fix” would be to remove and replace the nipples, but that’s not so easy with the rigid connection.

And a real plumber to go with it. :wink:

you might to take this course

Looks like someones going shopping for a new water heater! Good old FL sulfur water

I did bnot do it and it sure was not a real plumber. That is what happens when your friend the A/c guy has his buddy do it.

(Tie in with other thread)…

Mr. Home Inspector… what’s it gonna cost to repair that??? :twisted:

You’re a home inspector and don’t know what a TPR is???

That’s for sure!!

You might want to make sure the wiring is protected, Oh and the shiny little copper wire should be under that little green screw sticking up. I can draw you a picture if you would like.

The original question was about the corrosion. I thought his answer was in reference to the corrosion I asked about. I knew the relief valve was all wrong. you should see the rest of the picture. Price qoute 0 to 500 in these parts , at least that is what I have seen.