TOPR Appearance

During an inspection today, saw this on a 2018 Rheem water heater. Of course, there is no extension, but the rust stains concerned me. It looks to me like the TPR may have released water before… There is no drip or leak, and no water stains I can see, just rusty discoloration across the top of the heater, and around the TPR body where it attaches.

It could have been replaced. Do the threads have rust?

Simple. Call what you see, note it and suggest further evaluation and corrections by a licensed plumber.


I’m with Tom. And recommend a water softener or iron filter as well.

Thare is obvious water flow stains, with many possible reasons. Professional inspectors don’t guess as to the reasons, we only state what we observe. Let the Plumbers earn their paychecks and take the liability.


It also has a circulation pump - something I rarely see…

Shoulda posted this to begin with…!!

The cpvc is also badly discolored. Just recommended it be evaluated by a licensed plumber. The cpvc might also need looked at as it gets very brittle over time.

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CPVC is rated to 200F. I agree that it shouldn’t be discolored like that and raises some concerns.

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What the heck?

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All the CPVC in our State looks like that after a short while if it’s in a garage or attic or anywhere not completely shielded.

And It fractures like a piece of antique porcelain if you try to cut it or even if you hit it.

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Yeah - I had no question that it needed to be replaced. I’m thinking this water heater was replaced by the neighbor’s cousin’s brother-in-law… of course, the seller says it’s “always been like that since we bought it”… But then, they bought it in 2018, and the thing is manufactured in 2018, so…
But no TPR extension, the CPVC was also running uneven - my photo didn’t catch it, but you can kind of see in the 1st pic, the line runs crooked from the top of the unit…I’m thinking the previous seller had it replaced by someone “other than a licensed plumber” and maybe they re-used the TPR from the prior water heater…or something…