Corrugated plastic water heater flue? Lochinvar DVN040-1 unit

This Lochinvar DVN040-1 water heater, evidently the original unit from when the house was built in the mid 1990s, discharged exhaust through a heavy-duty corrugated plastic flue.

The material did not feel like it had a metal liner.

This material does not look suitable for a flue to me, and I would expect metal or PVC piping to be be more suitable for such a venting arrangement, but this has the look of an original installation.

Anybody familiar with this unit and its venting requirements?

20130420- 349tb.jpg

20130420- 417b.jpg

20130420- 418t.jpg

20130420- 349_1_1b.jpg

Unless it is MFG spec… And I doubt it… It’s wrong and not something I would like to see !

Thanks, Jamin. I’ve never seen anything like it running from a water heater or furnace. Reminds me of those plastic dryer vents. Perhaps a brief experiment gone awry, like so many hinky old things we come across?

I wouldn’t be too quick to condemn this vent. This type of vent is exactly the same as the vent on my daughters power vented propane gas water heater. I doubt it is a problem but keep checking!

Glimpse of this vent at my daughters!

You may find answers here:

Vent requirement will be defined by the listing and installation instructions from the mfr.

I have seen that vent before.

It’s OK even though it looks odd.

Mr. Bartlo and other readers-
My name is David George, I am a Product Manager at Lochinvar and we have seen your post. We contact you today to confirm this product.
What you have is an E-Z Vent Residential Gas Water Heater. The corrugated plastic vent was supplied with the water heater and the pictures suggest it is installed well.
Inside the grill on the top of the water heater is a blower. The blower draws in room air to cool the flue products to a temperature that is safe for the plastic material. This is the same technique used in PVC venting today.
If you wish, you may contact me at and I will gladly send you the product brochure. This particular unit was built in March 1995 and we’re pleased to see this product is still working well for the customer 18 years later.
Thank you.
David A. George, Product Manager, Lochinvar, LLC