offers NACHI member discount.

Jim, I think you are correct.

We just now deleted him from outrageously popular for violating our retail space policy (at the bottom). gets tens of thousands of hits a month.

No play on words intended but that is really going to cost his business. His page on NACHI’s site was getting over 900 inspector hits a month.

Big business mistake IMHO.

I would agree. I suppose we have given him another reason to hate unmoderated message boards.:wink:

It’s funny. We have vendors from other message boards who hate us… building NACHI branded brochures and sending them to all our events. We have inspectors from other associations who hate us… joining. What does that say about us?

It’s a very old cliche’…“If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.”

It’s gotta be fun for you, though, to be able to kick Hannigan off of your board this time.:wink:

He’s welcome to post here and we’ll be very happy to advertise his product aggressively for free just like we do for all vendors… but the rules are the rules. Vendors MUST offer NACHI members better pricing than anywhere else. Remember… NACHI turns down hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising fees and instead asks vendors to use the savings to offer discounts to NACHI members. Most members don’t realize that NACHI purchases (albeit indirectly) for members, the NACHI discounts vendors offer. We turn down all that money and instead let our members have it.

Then why is this thread still here. We’re still advertising it.

I gave up on long ago.

He’s here because he needs our members to sell his wares to.

Nick, how hard could it be to create something similar for our members, for free?

It sounds like a spreadsheet program.

It aint like the Means Cost Estimating Guide… gheesh!!

Harder than you think. I thought I had a good one that I had created over the course of my business career when Lotus 1-2-3 came out. Cost of Business should be a required purchase for every entrepreneur who wants to start a business and evey person enrolled in business at every college and university throughout the nation. It’s that good.

Don Peterson, our Buffalo Chapter President bought it and then wrote a better one on his own. Perhaps someone could convince him to become a vendor and offer his fellow NACHI members a discount so that I can promote it for him.

If someone has a competing product… I stand ready to subsidize its roll out into the inspection industry.

I payed to be on his “Home Inspector Locator” site last June, shortly after signing up I sent him an email to get my logo posted,… 8 months later (and after reading this thread) I remember OH YEAH, Im on that guys site, Hmmmmm,… I havent gotten any referrals from them in 7-1/2 months let me go check it out,… get there and to my amazement my logo is still not up!!! WTF??? I know I should have followed up,… I know people can forget stuff,… but come on,… ITS HIS BUSINESS!!! Long story short, he’s not getting anymore of my business. At this rate anyways, the $50.00 may take 50 years to be dwindled down. (pay per referral) Kind of like a ServiceMagic wannabe without the customer service. Dont waist your money guys, Thats My Opinion!

That’s funny, Nick. Of course, copying is the sincerest form of flattery, no?