offers NACHI member discount.

You know, Nick, there are businessmen, there are opportunists…and then, there are downright scumbags.

This astronomical $10 discount for NACHI members is coming from none other than the NACHI hating monitor of, Brian Hannigan.

While the traffic at his site has not quite dwindled to nothing like O’Handley’s TIJ, his little circle jerk can hardly generate enough interest to keep dan harris from leaving camp and coming to visit us.

And for $89, he is going to tell us how to increase our fees? Gimme a break.

Didn’t this moron ban you from his message board a few years back? You’re a big man for giving him the plug, Nick.

James you seem to have done some archive work. My complements.:smiley:

I’m sure you’re mistaken. I see these flyers at all the NACHI Chapter meetings lately.

You are mistaken , this is a kick *** deal Nick. I hope more newbs would look at this before starting up this proffesion.

It is Brian Hannigan’s company. Sooner or later… everyone comes to NACHI.

I can highly recommend It is by far the most useful spreadsheet that I have ever seen for anyone starting a business, but particularly home inspectors.

I sent the link to several of my college graduate friends at various corporations in Texas (Texas Instruments, M.D. Anderson Hospital, ExxonMobil, Shell, and Port of Houston), as well as the Director of the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship at the Mays Business School at Texas A&M University.

It is worth far more than the mere $89 that Brian charges. I peg its value at approximately $9,999.99. I’m looking for that extra penny. :smiley:

The first money that a new entrepreneur should spend is for a CPA, a tax attorney, a business attorney, and the $99 for

sounds good …whats the discount code so i can receive the $10 off!

Just more of Hannigan’s shennanigans. As slow as things are at his dying message board, I suppose he will be soliciting you for a “vendor’s license” pretty soon, Nick.:smiley: :smiley:

Actually, he has asked me to return to his board. He tells me he will be setting up a new forum at the end of February for me to answer questions about NACHI, InterNACHI, IAC2, MICB, etc.

Should I accommodate him?

Nick that sounds fun. :smiley: Go for it.

OK. I will.

It might bring some life back to his board, but you certainly should insist that - if he wants you to help him draw more people to his board by participating in a forum - that he must refrain from his usual editing of posts.

Yes. For the continued good of the industry.

Hey, Nick. Remember “Baghdad Brian”?](

Whatever you do…don’t drop the soap.:wink:

Yeah, I have a long memory but forgive easily… it’s easy to forgive when you win.

Gosh, Nick. Look what happened…

When the kids in Brian’s Club learned about his $10 discount to NACHI members, they made him give a $20 discount to “members” of

So…now his “discount” is actually an overcharge of $10 to NACHI members who do not participate in his message board.

What a guy.

Paying at all for the cost of doing business is being overcharged.

Jim, if true… his link will be removed from which gets tens of thousands of hits per month. Our one page gets many times the traffic as his entire message board gets. Not a very smart business move on his part if true.

Read NACHI’s retail space policy near the bottom of

I copied it from his message board. I would think that he would be telling the truth to his “members”, don’t you?