Cotton Fiber Insulation

Yes it is made with denim jeans, do you believe that? Amazing.

So if you see it in the attics, no, it is not gone through a fire and soot collected on the insulation, it is black by manufacturing.

How many of you have seen this Green Product before?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So that’s where my old Levi’s are going?

Speaking of odd insulation…Yesterday, I ran into very old sod (a nice neat layer of dirt and grass) placed into rim joist cavities.

R-21 for 2 x 6 walls…nice. :slight_smile:

David, was it de-weeded and de-bugged?

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

All I know is that this sod was very old. I probed it and it fell apart. The homeowner actually took sections of sod and placed it nice and neat onto the sill in front of the rim board.

Very strange.

only problem, your house will think that it makes its wall cavities look fat :slight_smile:

I have only seen it in a green homebuilders supply house. It looks like great stuff. No itching!!!

I’ve seen the jeans insulation before. It was on one of the tv shows, and some woman created it or something like that.

Thanks Dave;:cool:

The wave of the future, building green, it only typically cost 50% more to build Green.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I removed one(with long sleeves, N95 respirator, safety glasses, etc) 12-16 foot run of fiberglass from my unheated basement ceiling. I’ve come to hate exposed fiberglass in a house. It was too much work for the limited time I had, so I just cleaned up and went to work on my computer, then showered. This was a Friday night, by Saturday night I was sore. Legs, back and neck. I have an active 5 year old, so I had no reason to suspect anything wrong. Sunday, it was cold out, but found myself walking around with no jacket, hmmmmm very weird now. Sunday afternoon, I confirmed that I had a temp of 103.5F. Monday morning, saw doctor, since now I had a rash, arms, feet, and pain everywhere. After confirming my kidneys didn’t shut down, the next risk was my liver was in danger. Soon after a week of rest, fluids, etc, I was ok.

Conclusion: When I removed the fiberglass, it was against HVAC metal duct work that leaked (it filtered 13 years of junk blowing into it), and I exposed my clothing to it. Initially I removed my shoes/socks/gloves and washed my hands (pushing my sleeves up with dirty hands). I had figured it was a very small job, I didn’t change my clothes, and I went to my desk to work, which spread the stuff to my feet, and arms. I was ‘infected’ with millions of pieces of ‘dirty’ glass, and some had to have things on it I was allergic too. Oh, my body wasn’t well suited for 103.5F temp, messed with my mind/dreams/sleep. So now I treat ‘old’ fiberglass like it’s asbestos. :wink:

So now basement ceiling’s exposed fiberglass has been ripped out, going over to cotton as money allows. Gotta love the ads with the naked baby on the cotton insulation. Stuff looks soft. :smiley: