moving to florida

Can you give me advice on doing inspections in Florida. What credentials needed to start inspection in Florida.
Thanks JC


The Home inspector regulatory bill was passed in May 2005

This thread should give you a better understanding of what to expect…

Hi John,

The only requirement in Florida now is desire.

Do you or don’t you need a license to do Home Inspections in Florida?I’m thinking on going there myself.

No you don’t need anything.

Whats The difference between a Yankee and a Dam Yankee? a Yankee comes to Florida for The winter then goes back home. a Dam Yankee stays **… :wink: **

FL is a pretty good place to be a home inspector for many reasons:

  1. No snow or ice.
  2. Lots of real estate transactions.
  3. Almost no basements.
  4. Crappy construction.
  5. Almost ridiculous growth.
  6. Strong NACHI Chapters.
  7. Very little use of fossil fuels (mostly heat pumps).
  8. Mostly 1 story homes.
  9. Heat kills the roofs quickly.
  10. Elderly population that doesn’t do inspections for themselves.
  11. FAPHI.
  12. Natural disasters creating inspection work.
  13. Few oil-fired steam boilers.
  14. Need for mold inspectors.
  15. Stucco issues creating inspection demand.
  16. No clearly defined slow season.
  17. A smart Governor who knew stupid legislation when he saw it.

If you move to Charlotte County you will be required to obtain a “licensed contractor of Home Inspection” status, which is a true license of which certain criteria must be met.

Also realize that many areas of FL have seasonal business. Swamped during snowbird season (yankee season to Joe) and not so swamped during the wonderful time of the year (Sept - Feb) when all of the yankees and Canadians are back in their abodes!

I am headed south as well. Any other counties requiring licensure that you know of? This is not the first time I have heard of this. Any idea where I can get a listing of what county requires what?
Many thanks. \TS:cool:

Orange does not require it. (orlando). I think Miami would be a great place for you guys to move to. But at the present time Florida has reached their limit and people from Michigan. You must get on a waiting list. You can get 1 week visa to attend disney.

Miami -
More than 300 inspection companies within a 20 mile radius. Darwinism at its best.