Couple Questions

Hey Guys-

The was on an old house that had been renovated. The service panel had 60 amp fuses that supplied power to two distribution panels. The first distribution panel had a 12 AWG red/blue/green conductor that supplied power to the detached garage. The red and blue were connected to individual breakers in which one was 20 and the other 25.

Should the two breakers be connected and is it okay that one is 20 and the other 25?

Part of the problem is also I was never able to see how the conductors were connected in the garage. It was finished and there was no visible panel or box. The service mast came down through the attic and went into the wall. Is is possible they used one of them to supply the lights and the other to supply the receptacles, but just used the same grounding conductor back to the panel? Just trying to figure out what exactly is wrong here and how to write it up.

BTW…I did catch the lack of a drip loop and the double-tap in the service panel but also interested if you guys write up the 60 amps service. Small two bedroom house but did have electric stove, range, and AC. Thanks.


Undersized service. Double-tapped fuses in 2nd photo. Lack of a handle tie and improper breaker size…refer it all to an electrician.

This service is a mess. There are many violations here’s a few:
-the green #12 grounded conductor
-the #12 is most likely not sunlight resistant
-the neutrals and EGC’s must be separate at the sub panel
-lack of handle tie on MWBC
-no disconnect at second structure
-the doulbe tap

Most insurance companies will not insure a home, at least here in the mid-west, with any service under 100 amp. Refer for full upgrade.

Thanks guys…appreciate the comments.

Kenny, why are there 2 mast heads on the property? If the photo in pic 4 is a service entrance, it is improper: the mast head should not be below the point of attachment.

The smaller one is feeding the garage.