Cover for zoned damper control?

Wrote up in an inspection that cover was needed on damper control mounted on duct for zoned HVAC in attic (see attached photo). Sellers HVAC contractor responded that “motor is 24V that needs air to prevent condensation from forming on motor gear and causing failure”. Am I wrong, what motor gear, I thought that I typically see these covered and cover has usually fallen off into the attic insulation somewhere?

Did the sheet metal around the device give you any clue on a cover? Screw holes, clips? The grommets for the wire is a clue if I see it in the photo correctly. As for the control wire it just maybe a quick and dirty connection job as I see it going directly to the motor.

Many times covers are present for sensors or switch devices. Is the contractor using “gear” as the term for equipment or gear as in with teeth on motor shaft? If it is that sensitive, you wonder how could it be installed in any system with temperature changes…:roll:

Either way a brand, label or do research into this type of device should give you more information. Honeywell website?

Limit switches for the old Natural gas furnaces are a prime example for devices with covers.

Be careful on the terminology “Needed” It can backfire on you if you are not sure.

I see little concern about the cover.

What about the cut wires?

Why is the actuator motor wired direct?
Electronic components failed?

Does it even work?
Did you test it?

A few more important questions to be concerned about, IMHO.

Expand this pic.