Need guidance on write up

Anyone out there have any guidance on writing this up? I’ve never run into an electric furnace set up with the coil exposed like this and I could use some opinions on how to properly annotate it in the report. Thanks

Older mobile home?

…close the cabinet door with the filters in it and it won’t be exposed. :smiley:


As long as the blower compartment panel is installed you should be OK.

Air handler is missing service cover, recommend the service cover be installed by a Competent Person.

Thanks all. I made sure that the blower cover was placed back on when I was done checking it out and advised them to have it evaluated by a professional HVAC technician. It’s been that way for years, so obviously it works, but I explained that I have never seen that before so it’s probably not 100% right.

LOL, just because you haven’t seen it before, it doesn’t make it right? :-k

So what’s the HVAC tech going to further evaluate? That the cover is on right and/or that you shut the filter door? lol.
FWIW, I’d be sending the $75 + service call bill, from the HVAC company, to you if that’s what you recommended to me.

Yup, yup, yup.

This… /\

Door filters are redundant.

The coil has filters installed.

Advise the buyer that this design is so easy to service they should expect a discount on HVAC service calls.