CPI mock inspections

I am in the process of becoming a CPI member and wanted to know how you submit the mock inspections. I have completed 3 mock inspections and 2 of them still say continue. I don’t see a submit bar to click on.

Accord to Step #2 of the Home Inspection Checklist for Submitting Verified Mock Inspection Reports article, you would submit mock inspections here.

Step #2 says to write and submit. I have completed 3 but 2 still say continue. how do I know if they are submitted?

That tells me that you are missing critical information! Go back through and verify everything!!

Side note… I wasn’t aware that non-members can submit Mock Inspections. The fact you are trying to submit 3 inspections and you just joined 1 day ago, seems suspicious. Likely the system thinks so also!

That was helpful as I needed to complete more sections. I am a member of internachi just not a CPI member as of yet.

Not according to the Internachi Member list. What’s your Member number?

Did you check the left column? When you’re done it will have a grey circle with the number of things you missed by each category. You can’t proceed until you fix it. Hope that helps.

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My internachi member #is 20102737

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I too am an Internachi member (In Canada) and have some of the same queries. I’m not sure I have a member number either. All that remains within the Intrernachi certification for me is to submit the mock inspections and sign the affadavit as far as prerequisites go. I have completed the course work and passed the CPI exam. The mock Inspection process seemed a little unclear.