CPVC vs. PEX pipe question

Hello. I’m installing an reverse osmosis system for my bathroom. I am mounting the system directly below the bath in an unfinished slab, as this means not having to make room in the crowded under-sink cabinet, and also keeping the stored water a few degrees cooler.

My question is regarding the PEX pipe. My kit came with CPVC pipes, some of which will be too short for this location. I haven’t yet found a local retailer who sells the same stuff, but the local PEXMALL.COM store carries PEX. From a quick check on some sources, there don’t seem to be many differences from an end-user perspective - other than the pressure ratings, which should not be of any importance in this scenario. Is there any reason I should keep hunting for CPVC, or will PEX be suitable?

It sounds like PEX would work fine.

I couldn’t find how to make a new post so figured I’d try this. My house has a slab leak and is getting repiped and due to lack of space in attic we want to dig a trench and run the pipe around the house. We’ve had plumbers say they were going to use cpcv pipe and others wanted to use pex pipe. Is one better then the other and is it okay to put the pipes around the house like that instead of through the attic? TIA

It may not be a problem in florida, but in northern arizona cpvc is no good due to freezing temperatures this pipe tends to shatter. I have installed miles of pex with no problems.